Empowering Decentralized Identities To A New Height!
A decentralized identity approach helps people, communities, and DAOs interact with each other transparently and securely, in an identity trust fabric. People control their own digital identities and credentials.
Experience the ultimate flexibility with multi-wallet authentication feature!
Introducing multi-wallet authentication feature in Pravica Club! This innovative feature allows you to securely access your account using multiple wallets, giving you even more control and flexibility over your chats and digital identities.
Cryptographically Verified DIDs are a secure and decentralized way to verify your online identity, you can easily prove who you are online without relying on a centralized authority. You have complete control over your own identity, giving you added security and privacy.
Nobody Can Masquerade as You Again!
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Truly End-To-End encrypted WEB 3.0 messaging with self-custody decentralized identity and blockchain-enabled conversations.
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